1. To deliver assessment tax bills to property owners latest by 15 January (for the first half of the year) and 15 July (for the second half of the year).

  2. To prepare the rental agreement within 14 days from the issuance of the rental offer.

  3. To process the Business Premise and Non-Risk Billboard Licences and inform the results immediately or within 1 day from the receipt of the application provided all documents are complete.

  4. To process the licence to operate entertainment spots/ entertainment licence and the licence with high risk will be forwarded to the Licensing and Enforcement Committee Meeting and to inform the results within 1 week after the meeting.

  5. To provide the complaint feedback to the complainant within one ( 1 ) week from the complaint date.

  6. To approve rental of Bera District Council equipments within one (1) week from the application date.

  7. Responsible to overcome problems pertaining to health nuisance within 3 days.

  8. Responsible to carry out prevention programmes for vector borne diseases within 7 days.

  9. To collaborate with the District Health Office to eradicate Dengue Fever cases/outbreak within 24 hours.

  10. To investigate on public complaints within 2 days upon receipt of the complaint and send feedback at least within 7 days after the investigation is carried out.

  11. To carry out inspections to upgrade the cleanliness of food premises to a minimum required point of 70% for each food premise; carried out 3 times a week.

  12. To approve the landscape plan applications within 25 days.

  13. To approve the provision of floral arrangement services within 3 days.

  14. To issue cheque payments no later than 14 days from the receipt of complete claim forms.

  15. To ensure the annual financial statements are prepared in accordance with the accounting standards which are received no later than 30 April the following year.

  16. To submit all payment claims from contractors to the payers within 1 week.

  17. To resolve compound applications within 10 minutes.

  18. To resolve claim applications for confiscated items within 30 minutes.