Bera District is located about 38 kilometres downstream of Temerloh. It is the eleventh district in the state of Pahang Darul Makmur, proclaimed on 1 February 1992 with an area of 2,214 square kilometers. The district consists of two mukims which is Mukim Triang and Mukim Bera. It was gazetted on 1 November 1991. In general, Bera District covers five settlements – Traditional Villages, New Villages, Felda, Indigenous People Settlements and Private Plantation Settlements.

Bera Land and District Administration was fully operational since 1993 to develop Bera District with the assistance of other agencies such as the Southeast Pahang Develoment Board (DARA), Jengka Teritory Development Board (LKWJ) and West Pahang IADP. Other than that, there are five Local Authorities which carry out activities in accordance with the Local Government Acts. They are Bera District Growth and Settlement Centre consisting of Triang Local Council, Mengkuang Local Council, Kemayan Local Council, Kerayong Local Council and Mengkarak Local Council.