Bera Lake

Situated in the southwest of Pahang, Bera Lake is a freshwater lake system with a length of 35 km and 20 km width which flows into the Sungai Pahang (river) through Sungai Bera. It is the largest freshwater lake in Malaysia with the most unique and isolated. Surrounded by dry dipterocarp lowland forests, the surrounding of this lake has reached the area of peat forest. The Bera echo-system lake rich with various flora and fauna and a home to Semelais, a group of indigenous people who live in the wetlands.

This lake is the focus of scientific research and is protected under Malaysian and International laws. The state government is now implementing a 3 year program with funded from the government of Denmark and technical assistance form Wetlands International Asia Pacific.

The best time to visit Bera Lake depends on the rainy and dry season. Visitors are advised to come after the rainy season because fish is in abundance then. Dry season is from February to April and from June to August. This lake is blessed with water landscape dominated by pandanus plants that flanked narrow streams flowing into the lake. Several species of ferns, orchids and parasitic plants can be seen growing on tree trunks and branches, while thorny canes grew wild on the forest floor. Dozens of green and red coloured fly-catchers grow on clumps of reeds and thick forests in the middle of the lake.

The lake and its surroundings are home to more than 200 species of birds, 50 species of mammals and 90 species of fish. The rich biological lowland forest promises many opportunities for jungle trekking and nature appreciation.